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Building Digital Curriculum with INFOhio OER

Ohio's PreK-12 educators have the Open Educational Resources (OER) and tools they need to find, develop, and share high-quality instructional materials and digital content. Your district can use INFOhio's tools and resources to:

  • Find and save standards-aligned lesson plans, assessments, and other teaching and learning materials.
  • Curate high-quality texts and media for students.
  • Build your own digital textbooks.
  • Collaborate and share learning resources with other Ohio educators.

Explore the INFOhio OER Tools menu to discover the curriculum resources and content freely accessible to all Ohio PreK-12 educators.

To develop a plan for using INFOhio tools to transform your curriculum, download the 5 P's for Successful Curriculum Transformation.

Find flexible professional development on Building Your Digital Curriculum with INFOhio OER in INFOhio's Learning Pathways.

Use this postcard to share the benefits of building or supplementing curriculum using OER and other digital resources, available at no cost to Ohio schools, from INFOhio.

For nearly 20 years INFOhio has made high-quality, age-appropriate, standards-aligned digital content freely accessible to Ohio's PreK-12 students and educators. Ohio schools and districts can use INFOhio's licensed content and Open Educational Resources (OER) to build or supplement their curriculum.

INFOhio recognizes these potential benefits of Open Educational Resources: currency, diversity, accessibility, and flexibility of content. Additionally, using OER and INFOhio's licensed content can provide districts with cost-savings benefits.

The goals of INFOhio's OER initiatives include:

  • Identifying and curating additional standards-aligned student content and educator materials.
  • Improving access to low- and no-cost high quality resources.
  • Supporting the creation and sharing of additional resources.

This makes learning more personal for both the student and the teacher.

To learn more about OER, read the Teach With INFOhio blog post, "Using Open Educational Resources in Your Classroom."

RemotEDx is a state-level initiative that brings together a unique mix of remote, hybrid, and blended learning partners from across the state to help schools and districts enhance, expand, and more effectively scale high-quality remote, hybrid, and blended education models. Consistent with Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s strategic plan for education, RemotEDx places a premium on equity and seeks to support Ohio’s most underserved students.

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