INFOhio Graduate Credit

INFOhio is pleased to offer graduate credit through Ashland University as continuing education college credit.

On September 1, 2020, INFOhio's self-paced online learning program, Success in Six, transitioned to a for-credit option only. Participants can choose between two courses: INFOhio Modules 1–3 and INFOhio Modules 4–6. These courses combine INFOhio's PreK–12 digital content with instructional practices to transform instruction and impact learning. The modules within each class include:

  • An overview of the instructional topic or practice for the module.
  • Lessons on integrating quality PreK-12 digital content from INFOhio into classroom instruction.
  • Extension activities that promote further exploration of the topic and INFOhio's digital content.
INFOhio Modules 1–3 and INFOhio Modules 4–6
  • INFOhio Graduate Credit Course 1: INFOhio Modules 1–3 (1 credit hour) 
    • Module 1: Learn to Research Effectively—If you are tired of students using the top three hits on Google and calling it a search well done, the techniques in this module provide tips on effective search practices that lead to relevant, reliable results. Help students become research experts, using critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills you will learn in this module.
    • Module 2: Find Free Content for Your Google Classroom—Learn how to integrate INFOhio's free digital content into your Google Classroom or other learning management systems. Hone your skills to facilitate blended learning while developing new techniques to personalize learning for students.
    • Module 3: Develop Career Ready Students—Discover and develop resources to integrate career awareness, exploration, and planning into the classroom. Learn more about Ohio resources available to support students as they explore career opportunities and develop the necessary skills for a successful future. 
  • INFOhio Graduate Credit Course 2: INFOhio Modules 4–6 (1 credit hour)
    • Module 4: Discover High-Quality STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Resources—Ohio educators have access to thousands of diagrams, videos, virtual experiments, and articles that support science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Learn how to incorporate STEAM into classroom learning in this module.
    • Module 5: Engage Students with Reading Resources—We all tend to skim when we read online, yet students read online now more than ever before. In this module, learn about INFOhio’s quality digital text and strategies to help students read deeply and comprehend. 
    • Module 6: Explore INFOhio's Differentiation Tools—Discover features and tools in INFOhio’s resources and web tools that help students learn wherever they are and whatever their needs.
Registration Information

The deadline to register for INFOhio Modules 1–3 and INFOhio Modules 4–6 is Monday, July 5, 2021.

Each course requires 6–12 weeks to complete. All coursework will need to be completed by August 15, 2021.

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