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Step Up Your Resource Curation with INFOhio's BLUEcloud Course Lists

Webinar presented on 2021-10-21.

Join INFOhio as we demonstrate our newest BLUEcloud product, BLUEcloud Course Lists, a resource list management tool that integrates directly with your library catalog, INFOhio's Digital Resources and Tools, and librarian and teacher vetted materials. Learn how BLUEcloud Course Lists can help you curate resource lists of both physical and digital materials for your students and teachers and collaborate with teachers to build instructional partnerships. Participants in this session will learn how to use BLUEcloud Course Lists with their library catalog and INFOhio Digital Resources and Tools like ISearch and Educator Tools. Participants will also learn where to receive additional training to use Course Lists, as well as ideas for how to display and use Course Lists with students and teachers

Use this url to bookmark or link to Step Up Your Resource Curation with INFOhio's BLUEcloud Course Lists: https://dev.infohio.org/campus/webinars/recordings/item/lwi20211021.

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  • Juanita Markham
    Technical Support Specialist

    Juanita Markham

    Juanita Markham is a Professional Technical Support Specialist who has supported INFOhio's initiatives to transform student learning for 19 years. She currently provides support for INFOhio's BLUEcloud products, works with the technical team to assist Ohio’s Information Technology Center (ITC) Providers as they serve K-12 schools, and performs many organizational functions for INFOhio. She recently read Overcomer, by David Jeremiah, is learning to knit, and enjoys her 11 Pomeranian/Rat Terrier-Chihuahuas.

  • Janah Shumaker
    Technical Support Specialist

    Janah Shumaker

    Janah Shumaker is an INFOhio Professional Technical Support Specialist and helps to support ITC Library Support Staff throughout Ohio. One of her roles on the technical team is to assist with the support and implementation of SirsiDynix BLUEcloud products. Before working at INFOhio she was an INFOhio Liaison/Library Services Support provider. Janah is a Google for Education Level 1 and 2 Certified Educator and has a Masters in Middle Childhood Education from The Ohio State University. Janah was also a co-winner of the Spence White Service Award in 2020.

  • Kamile Shed
    Technical Support Specialist

    Kamile Shed

    Kamile Shed has been part of the INFOhio technical support team since 2020. One of her roles on the technical team is to provide support for the INFOhio Library Services Platform. Kamile is a Google Level 1 Certified Educator and has a B.S. in Science: Information Technology from Franklin University, as well a MS.Ed in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University. Kamile is passionate about technology and education as well as upholding INFOhio’s mission.


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