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People Love a List: INFOhio's Top 10s from 2019

Author // Emily Rozmus Tuesday, 01 October 2019

If you perform a Google search for why people love top 10 lists, you will get about 2.9 million results. That's a lot of reasons. The librarian in me wants to tell you to use "" to narrow this list and to use some advanced searching techniques, but that's not the point of this post. Within the top ten results (do you see a pattern here?) you will find articles from CBS News, The New Yorker, the BBC, and NPR. I read these - all using current psychological research - and here's a basic compiliation list of the reasons why people love top 10 lists:

  1. They create order out of chaos.
  2. They help us remember.
  3. They are energizing and proactive.
  4. Lists stand out from the background and get our attention.
  5. They let us process information in a linear fashion.
  6. We like having and knowing a beginning and an end.
  7. Lists make us feel like the matter is resolved, closed, finished.
  8. They have meaning for us historically, personally, and socially.
  9. Famous people made lists.
  10. They promote discussion and debate.

I am not unique in the fact that I stop and read posts on social media that contain lists. Whether top 6 or top 10, lists draw people in and encourage them to participate. Personally, I like to analyze lists and find patterns in them. What do the top 10 movies and songs of 2019 have in common? What do they say about the year that was? How can we use the data from lists to learn as we head into the next year? What can we change? What's totally out of our control? 

INFOhio has lists. You won't find the scariest videos of 2019 or the top paid actors in Hollywood on our lists (though you can research both those topics using ISearch), but we do use our data to make decisions about what we did well and what we can do better. Because our resources are instructional in nature, I am brave in saying that the following lists will give a good indication of what's happening in Ohio's schools. What topics are of importance? What are students paying attention to? What needs to be more prominent? Use this lists as you will, but I recommend finding those patterns that reveal more about 2019 and where we are headed for 2020. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what these top 10s mean. Share them on social media using #INFOhioWorks. 

Top 10 Teach With INFOhio Blog Posts for 2019

INFOhio's blog Teach with INFOhio provides educators with helpful insight on instructional practices and applicable approaches to integrate INFOhio's digital content and web tools into classroom instruction. The top 10 list is according the number of views in 2019.

  1. Reading for Relationships: Texts that Transcend Trauma
  2. Reading on the Screen: Why Supporting Digital Natives Matters!
  3. Social Emotional Learning Happens in Your Library
  4. Using Open Education Resources in Your Classroom
  5. INFOhio Resources Support Social Emotional Learning: K-2
  6. Bring Language Learning to your Elementary, Middle, or High School Classroom with Transparent Language Online
  7. INFOhio Resources Support Social Emotional Learning: 9-12
  8. Academic Research Library Visits for High School Students
  9. INFOhio Resources Support Social Emotional Learning: 3-5
  10. INFOhio Resources Support Social Emotional Learning: 6-8
Top 10 INFOhio Early Learning Portal Resources

INFOhio's Early Learning Portal is a collection of over 50 websites and apps that are aligned to Ohio's Early Learning Standards. The top ten list is according to the number of views in 2019.

  1. BookFlix
  2. Breathe, Think, Do
  3. Bouncy the People Trainer
  4. Storybots
  5. ABC Kids Tracing and Phonics
  6. ABCYa Paint
  7. GoNoodle
  8. Puzzle Pop
  9. Peg + Cat
  10. Wizard School
 Top 10 Authors of Books Checked out By INFOhio Schools

INFOhio automates XXX school libraries in Ohio and provides access to books to over XXX students. The top 10 books checked out by Ohio's students were all titles in the Jeff Kinney's Diary of A Wimpy Kid series with over 230,000 checkouts. Keep that in mind for any gifts this year for the kid in your life.

  1. Jeff Kinney
  2. Dav Pilkey (writing as George Beard and Harold Hutchins
  3. R.J. Palacio
  4. Raina Telgemeier
  5. Dr. Seuss
  6. Mo Willems
  7. Tedd Arnold
  8. Lauren Tarshis
  9. Lincoln Pierce
  10. David Shannon
Top 10 Resources Viewed on Educator Tools (Plus one bonus)

Educator Tools is INFOhio's repository of high-quality, standards-aligned OER. Educator Tools, powered by INFOhio, includes more than 70,000 teacher-approved lesson plans, learning activities, assessments, and other instructional materials to support personalized learning, project-based learning, and the inquiry process.

  1. Crash Course: What do Horses, Cars, & Planes Have in Common?
  2. Canadogs.com: Choosing a Breed
  3. PBS: Dogs and More Dogs
  4. San Diego Zoo: Animal Bytes: Prairie Dogs
  5. Scholastic: Heads Up Real News about Drugs and Your Body 
  6. ReadWorks: Passages: "Many Kinds of Dogs" by Rachelle Kreisman
  7. ReadWriteThink: Reading Informational Texts Using the 3-2-1 Strategy
  8. Make Inferences Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grade English Language Arts Standards - Internet4Classrooms
  9. Khan Academy: 2-step Word Problems
  10. abcteach: Frases y Dibujos: Que significa el dibujo? - El otono [PDF] 




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Posted by: Emily Rozmus

Emily Rozmus is an INFOhio Instructional Team Specialist.  She has worked in education for 25 years, first as a secondary English teacher, and then as a district librarian. Emily has developed district growth plans, integrated technology, created instruction for information literacy, fostered teacher development, and worked on teams to implement curriculum. At INFOhio, she focuses on helping educators use INFOhio resources to improve early learning. She also works to share research and best practices for helping students be better readers of INFOhio's digital text. 

Emily Rozmus
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