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Author // INFOhio Staff Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Are you attending OETC 2022? Kick-off week is February 14-18 and "the script has flipped—rather than having to adapt teaching methods to their circumstances, educators are making the most of technology to create educational opportunities that foster even greater collaboration and interaction."

Registration is now open! Watch and learn during INFOhio's pre-recorded sessions and participate in the live Q & A during the release of each session. Learn more about INFOhio's quality instructional resources and tools that transform instruction and impact learning.


Add INFOhio's sessions to your conference schedule to listen and learn about INFOhio resources, digital content, high-quality instructional materials, and more. These sessions will be available in the OETC Content On Demand Gallery after their scheduled session time. 

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Also check out these sessions from The Management Council, INFOhio's parent organization. Find information on these sessions here.


INFOhio Library Services Series


Live From the Field: The BLUEcloud Library Staff Experience

As SirsiDynix continues to add features and enhancements to their BLUEcloud suite of products, you might be wondering if it’s right for your library at this time. Join this session as INFOhio connects with K-12 school library staff who use BLUEcloud Circulation, Cataloging, Course Lists, and MobileStaff daily in their libraries. They will each share their unique experience and answer questions from attendees.

Session Presenters: Janah Shumaker, Juanita Markham, and INFOhio Professional Technical Support Specialists


Connecting School Libraries to Students and Teachers Through Resource Curation

Learn how BLUEcloud Course Lists can help you curate resource lists of both physical and digital materials for your students and teachers and collaborate with teachers to build instructional partnerships. Participants in this session will learn how to use BLUEcloud Course Lists with their library catalog and INFOhio’s Digital Content like Educator Tools and ISearch, where to receive training to use Course Lists, and ideas for how to display and use Course Lists with students and teachers. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding and knowledge of BLUEcloud Course Lists with access to the BLUEcloud Course Lists class within INFOhio Campus and how INFOhio Digital Content like Educator Tools and ISearch can be used alongside Course Lists to promote library resources.

Session Presenters: Janah Shumaker, Kamile Shed, and INFOhio Professional Technical Support Specialists


Teaching with INFOhio Digital Content Series


Accelerating Learning with INFOhio Digital Resources

When teachers have access to quality, standards-aligned instructional materials it makes a difference in their teaching practice, as well as the instruction students receive. INFOhio provides all Ohio PreK-12 students, their families, and their educators with no-cost access to quality instructional materials that are flexible and adaptive, inclusive, research-based, standards-aligned, and user friendly. Find out how you can use INFOhio’s ebooks, videos, articles, and interactive learning resources to accelerate student learning.

Session Presenter: Melissa Solema


Advancing Best Practices Through Community and Collaboration in Open Space

Since the pandemic, educators have demonstrated increased participation in collaborations aimed at enhancing professional growth and sharing best practices, helpful tips, and resources. INFOhio’s Open Space empowers educators to create and share standards-aligned content in a unique, collaborative experience. Open Space Groups are community spaces that can be organized for multiple purposes and can span a range of topics, events, or subject areas. Groups provide a way for users to connect and collaborate with like-minded educators around the state, organize resources using folders, and create and participate in discussions. Through the collaborative development of shared resources in Open Space, educators have easy access to high-quality open educational resources (OER) to build and supplement course contents, allowing teachers to spend less time searching the web for materials and more time where it matters most - with students, differentiating and personalizing learning. This presentation will showcase how educators can use Open Space Groups as a platform to engage and expand a professional learning network, participate in different education-related communities, create and join conversations, and discover, share, or create relevant resources for all subject areas and topics of interest. 

Session Presenter: Matt Yauk 


Content On Demand Gallery


 Recordings will be posted here when they are available.


Gather with a Guru


Tech Tips for Your Language Classroom with Transparent Language Online

You don't have to search the globe for language learning instructional materials for your world language or English language learning classroom. Find quality instructional resources to support your language learning classroom with INFOhio. Thanks to funding from RemotEDx, Ohio educators can unlock the power of a Transparent Language Online teacher license at no cost to their school.

Join INFOhio and Transparent Language Online Engagement Professionals to learn how to use this resource in your flipped classroom to maximize this robust platform’s listening, reading, writing, vocabulary activities and other features to support language instruction, freeing up class time for communicative and task-based strategies.

Session Presenters: Mary Rowland with Priscilla Colón and Bridgette Claery from Transparent Language Online


The Management Council


The Swiss Army Knife Student – How Technology Can Prepare Your Students for their Future

In his 2005 book, The World is Flat—A Brief History of the 21st Century, Thomas Friedman wrote, “People who can leverage technology can catch a problem, come up with a solution, and fix the problem for good.” We want our students to be great leveragers. Students must be versatile to survive the 21st century. We want our students to prepare like someone who is training for the Olympics but does not know what sport they are going to enter. They need to be like a Swiss Army Knife, a tool for all the problems they will encounter. How is your school utilizing technology to prepare students for their futures, not yours? Students today do not need to compete with their neighbors, but students from around the world. What skills are in demand or will be in demand for students graduating today or in 10 years? How does technology and being connected prepare students for an unknown future.

Session Presenter: Joe Mancini


How to Simplify IT Security and Protect Against Sophisticated Cyberattacks Including Ransomware

It’s no secret since the onset of COVID-19, the rise and cost of cyberattacks in education have increased by 400%. Limited funding, resources, and skills sometimes make it difficult for districts to respond to today’s sophisticated cyberattacks, however, there are ways to simplify and be proactive without adding complexity and huge costs. Increasing cybersecurity awareness and training are a good strategy, however, many legacy security tools have left gaps in functionality putting data privacy and security at risk. Learn how districts can implement strategies to better address their security posture to protect their overall attack surface—endpoints, network access, servers, and virtual machines against cyberattacks.  Simplicity and security are no longer mutually exclusive, today’s technology can help districts better reduce risks and protect against behavioral attacks such as ransomware and zero-day attacks without compromising end-user experience.

In this webinar, we will focus on three use cases to protect district infrastructure, apps, and data from vulnerabilities and threats:

  • Endpoint, Server, and Workload Protection—Increase visibility across your environment and reduce risk
  • Augment Staff—using cost-effective Managed Security options that leverage high-value effectiveness 

Session Presenters: Scott Vaughn with David Hawks from VMWare


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