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Three core principles in Each Child, Our Future are equity, partnerships, and quality schools. Which of these are most closely aligned to the importance of high-quality instructional materials?
  Quality Schools
  All of these
High-quality instructional materials
  are not supportive of student learning.
  are not standards-aligned.
  are standards-aligned.
  provide instruction at a lower grade level.
Low-income students are most likely to be exposed to weaker math content in schools.
When returning to school in the fall, teachers should plan to teach grade-level material and provide the scaffolding needed for any gaps in instruction.
Ohio's Curriculum Support Guide consists of 3 phases. What are those phases?
  Select great materials, organize materials, and store them
  Select great materials, hand to students, provide no professional learning
  Select great materials, prepare to launch, teach and learn
  Select great materials, cut into small sections, and use as a notepad

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